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Nobody: A Kingdom Hearts Fan Film
WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIRY9vrkdFM

Here is a short film we've been working on over the past 16 months. It showcases the hard work by numerous local filmmakers, and I'm very excited to share it. Since I played the first game in 2003, the Kingdom Hearts video game series has given me countless hours of entertainment and changed the way I viewed creative media.

If you enjoyed it, please give it a share!


A new story set in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Len gives Alix purpose to step into the light, but in doing so, casts a shadow.

Alix: Kirstie Smith
Len: Dylan Oxley
Nel: Greg Fountain
Xila: Chris Bottieri

Producer / Director / Post: Jordan Fountain
Writer: Chris Zech
Fight Choreographer: Jordan Deffenbaugh
Sound Designer/Composer: Drew Conley
Production Designer: Cassie Tyrrell Snyder
Concept Artist / Grip: Duncan Reed
Prop Painter: Greg Fountain
Costume Designer: Chris Bottieri
Assistant Director / Script Supervisor: Alexis Hali Borchardt
Gaffer: Dominic Ciofalo
1st Assistant Camera: Austin Blankenau
2nd Assistant Camera: Ryan Wulf
Production Sound / Foley Artist: Nolan Anderson
Boom Operator: Kenna Smith
Security: Mark Fountain
Production Assistant: Rachel Simants

City of Gretna, Jeff Kooistra, Doug Clark, Rick Endacott, Steve Kolbe, Sharon Teo-Gooding, Daniel Iske, Michael Lang, Corey Hart, Brad Kuiper, Nathan Hansen, Logan Gee, Brad Buffum, Don & Bille Fountain, Pamela Carter-Birken, Maelle Keita, David Stage, Dennisha Kai Bonacci, Marc Longbrake,Michael Green, Eric Larson, Zeb Jackson, Kial Natale, Mike Brown, Casen Sperry, Landon Sperry, Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film & All friends and family of the cast and crew!

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